Making the Most of Digital Signage Display for your Cafe

Digitization has changed the way businesses used to market and advertise. Today’s shoppers are hard to impress and convince. You need to offer them an engaging and interactive experience to make them feel inclined into checking out your products. Hospitality industry is changing the way it used to reach out to the guests, now it’s about showing them what kind of services a hotel or restaurant can offer them and digital signage is an effective medium to do that. An advertising machine will help you adding value to your message and making it far reaching.

If you have just opened you café and looking for a quick and communicative way to make your delectable delicacies worth checking out for the customers, use a display screen for making your appetizers, main course and desserts mouthwatering for the onlookers. A wall mounted LCD advertising screen can be used to your advantage for giving sneak peek of different cuisines to the walk in guests or the people already dining in. You can use a well-thought out campaign through the display machine to make your café talk of the town. Different kinds of videos about the reception, dinning and other areas of the café can be played on the screen to pique the interest of people.

If you have just started off your café, advertising machine can be used for reaching out to customers far and wide. You can use it for branding and making your food outlet worth visiting for the target audience. Instead of investing in conventional media of marketing, it is better to use digital tools to get prolific results as customers these days have short attention span. You need to persuade them through a creative campaign and digital signage will help you with endorsing it.

Here are some ways on using the advertising machine for your café!

Use it for making the Food Items more Delectable

A display screen that has high resolution picture and sound quality can be utilized for making the different cuisines must try out for the viewers. You can showcase your signature dishes in a video and have it played on the advertising machine. This will compel the onlookers into trying out the penne pasta that looks so flavorful or the skillet brownie that tantalizes the taste buds. Make sure that you buy a signage screen that has innovative features and high definition quality. Seek advice and assistance from a creditable commercial display solutions provider to buy your advertising screen and have it installed.

SORP Displays has assisted many hotels and restaurants to improve their customer acquisition and retention rates by offering reliable signage display solutions.

Promote Deals of the Day

Instead of solely using the table tents for promoting deals of the day that include soups, desserts and other items, use the display screen for telling the guests about today’s deal. Seeing the images of food on the advertising machine will make it much easier for the guests to take their pick and choose a soup or salad. They will not have to ask the serving staff about the kind of ingredients used in a dish or how it is presented. If you change the menu for deals the whole month, it is better to use the screen for enlightening the guests about it. Using board and other media gets boring and people don’t really show interest in the deals unless they get to look at the menu items.

If you intend to buy a floor standing display machine, there are floor standing advertising machine for sale options available at various vendor outlets online and locally. Explore them to choose an item that is according to your needs and budget.

Play Videos of Events Happening at the Café

Videos of birthdays, shows and PR events that happened at your café playing on the signage screen will give customers an idea that they can celebrate their special days at your restaurant. If a famous celebrity or influencer has been at your café, you can record a testimonial and play it on the screen for building rapport with the new customers.

When checking digital signage for sale options, you should give priority to a brand that offers warranty for its display machines. Ask the installation expert to guide you on maintenance of the screen.

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