Digital Signage Guide Making It Simple

It’s Time for a Revolution

For nearly 100 years, Piccadilly Circus and Times Square have been using brightly illuminated boards with slogans and their logos to captivate their visitors. However, over the past few years, there has been a change. The increasing availability of internet access and low-cost screens has made it possible for major brands to use Digital Signage with all the convenience possible. Using digital signage is not only for large companies with a huge marketing budget anymore.

Are you taking advantage of digital signage for your business? Have you made the most of it; are you still weighing your options? If you have not taken the leap of faith to explore digital signage, then this guide will help you with a solid foundation so that you can make the jump.

What Does Digital Signage Mean?

People usually find Digital Signage confusing because it covers a wide range of technology, varying from electric signs at a bus stop to huge screens you see at sports stadiums. If you ask an expert in this niche to explain what digital signage means, he or she will say it is a network of electronic displays, managed centrally to display text, information, animated video messages, merchandise, and entertainment with the aim to target audiences and advertise to them.

Sounds awesome, does not it! Digital signage allows you to display and create all kinds of content on TV screens, controlled by software.

Who Should Use Digital Advertising Display

It is for every business! However, you may still find some businesses that do not use Digital Advertising Display. Now a specially designed case for Digital Advertising Display makes it even better. Here are seven places where the business uses Digital Advertising Display.


You will sell more Digital Signage if your target is to sell to the public. When you have your customers walking into your store, make them some special offers and give them promotions.


If your business is in an environment where you need to update the messages regularly, then Digital Signage offers you the flexibility to do this easily.


Medical and dental centers use Digital Signage to create brand awareness, reduce the perceived waiting time, and to provide information for patients at the facilities.

Hotels & hospitality

Hotels use Digital Signage in hotel lobbies, bars, conference rooms, spas, and restaurants.

Fitness & Wellbeing

Digital Signage is widely used in fitness and wellness centers where there is the need to advertise changing class schedules and changing rosters, or health-related information.


The use of Digital Signage improves corporate communication effectively and increases the motivation in the team members.


In educational facilities, Digital Signage serves as a noticeboard to inform parents and students about events and other updates.

How does it work?

The Digital Signage set-up comprises of three elements:


You need a normal TV.

Digital Signage players

You need one per screen. It will be a small box attached to the TV externally. Sometimes, it is built in the TV.


This allows you to create your own content and manage it, then send it to the screens. It is more of a Content Management System.

Digital Signage systems can be super-simple or very complex, depending on their purpose. You must get one that suits your needs and budget.

Five Reasons Digital Signage is Important

We live in a competitive world where you need to communicate with your audiences effectively. Here is why using Digital Signage proves to be important.

Result Oriented

Digital Signage gives better results in grabbing the attention of the audience as compared to printed material. There are numerous scenarios where it brings more profits, which proves this and this makes Digital Signage higher and better than other kinds of advertising methods.


With Digital Signage, you can easily change the ads at any time of the day. With a simple click of the mouse, you can make changes. If you use printed ads, you cannot make changes anytime.


Now you do not have to worry about environmental hazards due to waste. With energy-saving LED screens you can save cost because they are energy saving.

Easy to Use

Changing from printed ads to using Digital Signage is easy and you can use existing content. Some systems give you readymade templates so that you can get started with editing the logo and text.


You have to make an initial investment and it is quite low than you would have to pay for TV screens. The prices vary for the Digital Signage software and player. You do not have to pay for features you do not need for your brand marketing. This will reduce the cost for you and proves that using Digital Signage is better than using printed ads.

Traditional Signage versus Digital Signage

Why Using Digital Signage Outweighs Traditional Printed Signage

Printed Ads Digital Signage
Expensive due to recurring delivery and setup costs Inexpensive due to low recurring cost and one-time hardware purchase
Print run determines finite audience Potential to attract endless audience
Longer time to update content and attract leads Almost instantaneous content update and lead attraction
Messages are static and easy to miss Videos and animated ads attract viewers and are difficult to miss
One spot. One advert. One spot. Multiple adverts
Higher cost per view Lower cost per view


Features Included in Digital Signage

First, you have to connect the Digital Signage to the internet via Ethernet or Wi-Fi. That is when the software will deliver the content you created for the ads.

With the Digital Signage software, you can make ads using logos, images, and text. You can also add animations and videos to your content so that it becomes more appealing. Some Digital Signage systems also give you widgets for social media, weather, and news to use in the advert. Others come with paid or free templates that give you sufficient ease with designing the ads.

Sophisticated Digital Signage software allows you to schedule playlists. This feature allows you to display different ad content at different times of the day or weeks of the calendar.

The more sophisticated the features of the Digital Signage software you purchase, the more expensive it will be. You can still do a lot with a simple Digital Signage software with only the features you require.

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We recommend that you start simple and then upgrade to solutions that are more sophisticated later according to your needs.

Three Tips to Create Captivating Digital Signage Content

Usually, designing Digital Signage content uses normal graphic designs. However, applying some principles below may help create captivating content.

  1. Speak to your audience

Make your content such that it speaks to your audience. Provide depth in it.

  1. Make it Vibrant.

Use videos and animation, they are better than static ads. However, do not overdo it.

  1. Refresh it regularly.

The more often you refresh the content, the better to keep your audience engaged, and coming back for more.

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