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SORP brings the lowest price, top quality wall-mounted advertising display screens to engage your target audience. You can present live digital ads and videos now on multiple TV screens.

We help you with smart digital signage that helps you convert your display into a billboard.

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Latest Wall Mounted Advertising Displays

At SORP Displays, we create durable and genuine constructed LCD screens. Each one is designed in an innovative manner that frees up space and allows you to position your display on greater productivity. There was a time when static images, such as posters were the leading trend in advertising, but wall-mounted advertising display are here to take over and set up a new trend. The advent of flat-screen TV’s puts digital signage in the driver’s seat, which replaced projection technology.

Now, our modern display solutions have turned the tides. Our dynamic signage speaks loudly in public spaces, increasing the chances of businesses conveying their message across to their target audience. When you choose our wall mounted advertising display screens and Floor Standing Advertising Display, the results are always dazzling.

A Super-Thin Wall Mounted Advertising Display Range

We are proud to introduce our intelligent wall mounted advertising machine now available in super-thin models. The screens featured under this range come with new screen adhesion technology, narrow edge process design, and aluminum alloy baking paint technology. The screens have outstanding high-density heat sinks, and high fidelity loudspeakers. This range is ideal because of its hardware interface support customization, enabling the plugging in of USB, supports Wi-Fi, and has a port switch for better advertising. The screens allow one-click distance network publishing, which adopts to web browsers.

This range offers complete view angles with full colors and high-quality graphics. The high transmission and lower power consumption make them a unique choice for advertising needs. For more information you can get in touch with us now.

We also have the smart wall hanging displays, high-definition wall hanging advertising display screens, multi-screen wall mounted split screens, and more.

Explore our range now and buy the highest quality screens at the best prices only at SORP now.